Bernie Sanders Is Endorsed By The Squad

AOC and Ilhan Omar endorse Bernie Sanders for president

After a terrible week for Bernie Sanders, a recent heart attack and possible questions boiling up about his age, the candidate is looking to bounce back with an exciting debate performance and endorsement from “The Squad”.

What We Know:

  • During the debate, Bernie continued on with his message. He shrugged off any possible questions of his age being a deciding factor for being president. He is currently in 3rd place, with Elizabeth Warren gaining steam, and his major policies such as Medicare for all is seeing a sharp decline in popularity.
  • The two leaders of The Squad, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, have sought to revive Bernie’s campaign with endorsements. Cortez will officially announce her endorsement of Sanders Saturday at a rally in New York City. Omar took to Twitter to announce her endorsement, according to Vox.

  • It seems that their support for Sanders over Warren could be due to their skepticism of Warren’s “progressive values”. Does she truly believe what she’s saying, or is she just doing it to get votes?

This endorsement will provide analysts with an interesting look at the influence these new fresh faces have when it comes to bringing support to a candidate. Will Warren and Biden reign supreme, or will Bernie see a new resurgence in the polls?



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