Children Participate in ‘Build The Wall’ Activity at White House Halloween Party

To the extent, the wall is just a xenophobic symbol. This is obviously a gross thing to have children do.
Google Images/Complex

Donald Trump hosts Halloween party for kids, including some interesting, political kid activities.

What We Know:

  • On Friday, October 25, the White House hosted a Halloween party for its employees, their families, and VIP guests. All the children that were in attendance were motivated to participate in arts and crafts at certain stations around the White House. One activity, in particular, that asked children to ‘Build the Wall’.
  • Yahoo News was able to capture a picture of the craft stations that displays red, rectangular, paper bricks with the names of children who participated in the activity. The station is located on a wall inside the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.
  • According to the Business Insider, the stations were following the party’s theme which was, “When I grow up, I want to be…”. There was also another suspicious station that showcased children’s construction worker costumes with “Trump’s Crew” printed on the backside, which was next to the Build the Wall station.
  • One partygoer expressed to Yahoo News anonymously that they were “horrified” to see the activities. Previous attendees from former President Barack Obama’s administration also stated to Yahoo that decorations and activities prior to this year had never gone this far into political territory. Ben Rohrbaugh, a National Security Council staffer from Obama’s administration declared to Yahoo the following: “To the extent, the wall is just a xenophobic symbol. This is obviously a gross thing to have children do.”

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