Man Stabbed to Death in Maryland Popeye’s Over Chicken Sandwich

This is pointless, this is disrespectful.
Google Images/NY Daily News

A young, black male was recently stabbed to death at a Maryland Popeye’s restaurant over their popular menu item, the chicken sandwich.

What We Know:

  • On Monday, November 5, 28-year-old Kevin Davis was among the many people in line at the Oxon Hill Popeye’s who were anxiously waiting to order the infamous chicken sandwich. Prince George County Police Chief Hank Stawinski told Fox News that Davis had begun to “methodically” skip the line, which was the first mishap in this altercation that went wrong.
  • The restaurant had already made a separate line that was reserved for customers waiting to specifically order the chicken sandwich. The unidentified suspect accused of killing Davis was the one who took notice of Davis jumping the line and immediately confronted him. “From the moment of that confrontation, fifteen seconds later, the two of them are out front of the store, a stabbing occurs and an individual’s life is lost,” Stawinski expressed to reporters. “The question my detectives have to answer is how does a confrontation lead to a homicide in fifteen seconds,” added Stawinski.
  • According to the preliminary investigation, the police believe that Davis and the unidentified man had a heated verbal argument before stepping outside, where Davis sadly lost his life. The man who killed Davis was seen fleeing the scene with a female companion, who police believe is a person of interest.
  • Unfortunately, the police were not able to get a good description of the suspect’s vehicle but, they did find a knife at the scene of the crime. Stawinski also told reporters that at the time of the crime, there were at least three dozen of people in the restaurant, including children who witnessed the crime take place. “What bothers me about this is that there are families and children in this restaurant as this is unfolding and they’ve been exposed to this now, as well. This is pointless, this is disrespectful,” declared Stawinski.

Stawinski also stated that there was a surveillance video within the store that caught the incident happening on camera. Many of the children that were present were “obviously shocked” when they saw the gruesome and cold-hearted murder. Sending prayers to the Davis family and we hope that they find the culprit soon.




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