White Woman Calls Black Cop N-Word, Loses Her Life

“You’re going to have to shoot me, n***er.”

On Oct. 25 at around 6 a.m. at the LaQuinta Inn in Bossier City Officer Patrick Edmonds Jr. had a knife pulled on him.

What We Know:

  • Shannon Rupert is a woman wielding a pair of scissors threatening the officer. She repeatedly said the N-word and “You’re not taking them. Shoot me. You’re not taking them. Shoot me. You’re going to have to shoot me!”, according to NewsOne.
  • Rupert began to run after Edmons when he shot her twice. She later died at the hospital.
  • Edmons won’t be charged with any crime.

Bossier City Police stated after the shooting  “The officer gave multiple verbal commands to Rupert to put down the weapon. Rupert then aggressively approached the officer with scissors in hand. The officer fired two rounds from his department-issued handgun, striking Rupert in the upper torso.”