Donald Trump Jr. Clashes with the Hosts on ‘The View’

Trump's oldest son sparred with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain.

On Nov. 7, Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle made an interesting appearance on the 5,000th episode of The View.

What We Know:

  • The president’s son appeared on the show to promote his book, Triggered: How the Left Thrives On Hate And Wants To Silence Us, when things got heated. He was explaining that many people are afraid to express their opinions because of the fear of being attacked by the left-wing. The hosts were astounded by this claim considering the bully persona his father has often portrayed.
  • Throughout the appearance, Trump Jr. got into spats with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and Meghan McCain. After being confronted with questions about his father’s behavior, Trump Jr. went into attack mode and started slinging accusations all around the table. He accused Joy Behar of wearing blackface and Goldberg of minimizing rape allegations made against Roman Polanski. Goldberg jumped to Behar’s defense saying her fellow host did not wear blackface, and assuring him that she would be able to spot blackface if she saw it considering she is black.

  • One of the tensest moments of the show occurred when Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain, grilled Trump Jr. about his family. She stated, “You and your family have hurt a lot of people and put a lot of people through a lot of pain, including the Khan family– who is a gold-star family that I think should be respected for the loss of their son. Does all of this make you feel good?” Trump Jr. responded saying, “I don’t think any of that makes me feel good”. He then shifted topics and began naming things his father had done while in office. He stated that he “brought back jobs and lowered unemployment rates for African-Americans and Hispanic Americans”. The hosts audibly groan at his response.
  • Sunny Hostin interjected saying, “I don’t think she appreciated that your father attacked her father,” finally speaking about the elephant in the room. McCain and Trump had a public feud that lasted even after McCain lost his battle with brain cancer in 2018. McCain was vocal about his disagreement with several of Trump’s comments and policies and Trump disliked that. One of the harshest comments Trump made about the late senator discredited his military service. In 2015, at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, Trump stated, “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured”. Trump has even made rude remarks about Meghan.

  • After the show, the rowdy guest took to Twitter to take a jab at Sunny Hostin after she criticized him for exposing the name of the whistleblower in the Ukraine investigation.

  • Hostin hit back with a tweet of her own:

  • Trump Jr. discussed the tense interview afterward saying, “They tried to smear me, try to besmirch my father and my family. You know what? It doesn’t work too well with us. We will actually fight back, unlike a lot of the conservatives out there … You can only go so far before I’ve had enough.”

Wonder if he will be back on the show anytime soon.




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