Thief Steals About $5,000 From Florida Newlyweds At They’re Wedding Reception

We forgive her!

The wedding thief swiped about $5,000 in gifts from a young couple just hours after they tied the knot in central Florida, officials said Wednesday.

What We Know:

  • Chris Cox, 30, and Emma Baker, 22,  were ending their big day with partying with more than 160 family and friends at a wedding venue in Bradenton, a city located 50 miles south of Tampa Florida.
  • Shortly after the reception, the newlyweds received some troubling news after Baker’s dad loaded their gifts into the back of Cox’s truck.
  • Baker’s dad put a bag with the couple’s marriage certificate, cards, and cash gifts into the back of Cox’s truck. When the dad left for a moment to load more supplies into Cox’s truck, the thief grabbed the bag of cash and cards.
  • Cox said, “My first initial reaction was like, is this actually real? Like people do this?”
  • The venue shared the surveillance video of the theft, showing a woman circling the parking lot in a silver Ford Explorer and waiting for her chance to strike.
  • The newlyweds forgave the thief and stated, “We are still hurt that our friends and family were almost robbed instead of us because it was their money in the first place, but we forgive her.”

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