Judge Mathis Donates 50,000 Bottles Of Clean Water To Flint Students

The Flint Water Crisis Continues

Judge Greg Mathis made a generous donation of 50,000 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan students.

What We Know:

  • According to Flint station WEYI, Mathis, alongside Mayor Karen Weaver, Councilman Eric Mays, Rev. Derrick Aldridge of 2nd Chance Church, and Dr. Pamela Pugh, held a news conference to discuss the ongoing issue of clean water in the city’s school system.
  • After hearing of the cognitive effects the contaminated water has had on many students within the school systems, Mathis was set on being apart of the solution for these kids. With word from teachers of the effects the water has had on students, clean water began to be distributed quickly.
  • Northridge Academy principal Latricia Brown said the number of her students that need special education has sharply risen since clean water became scarce, with some students facing “cognitive impairment problems” and ADHD. She also predicted that, “the inability to focus will set them back for generations”.
  • In a sit-down-interview with The View last year, Mathis who is from Detroit, mentioned the last conversation he had with the late and legendary Aretha Franklin. She told Mathis to go back up to Flint and “sock it to ’em”. He now credits his promise to her for inspiring him to take an active part in combating the Flint water crisis.

This isn’t the first donation that Mathis has made, he sent thousands of cases of water to Flint residents last year and has also teamed up with AquaTru to provide nine water filtration systems to charter schools in the city. 




Jessica D. Bullock is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.