Will Smith’s Colonoscopy Leads to Discovery of Pre-Cancerous Polyp

Health is wealth!

Will Smith’s pre-cancerous polyp has been removed from his colon. Lab testing found that the polyp was a tubular adenoma.

What We Know:

  • Will Smith’s doctor, Dr. Ala Stanford saved the actor’s life by advising him to get a colonoscopy done as he turned 50 years old. But, when Smith openly admitted to rescheduling multiple past appointments, his doctor scheduled an immediate colonoscopy. 
  • Overall, Smith lived a healthy life. He said he worked out everyday and maintained a healthy diet. He believed that if he didn’t feel sick or pain then he was completely fine.
  • According to My Health, Dr. Stanford stated that “Smith not only agreed to a colonoscopy but also documented it on video”.
  • A few days after the procedure, Dr.Stanford called Smith and informed him that he had a polyp that was removed from his colon. “It was found that the polyp was a tubular adenoma.”
  • Dr. Stanford advised that “95 percent of colon cancers arise from that type of polyp that was in your colon.”

Remember to attend your doctor’s appointments and annual checkups. It is evident that Smith’s recent procedure proves even the healthiest individual needs checkups.