Tisha Campbell: ‘I Had To Fight To Include MJ Rodriguez In The Soul Train Awards Opening’

Making strides

Tisha Campbell opens up about having to “fight” to get MJ Rodriguez included in the Soul Train Awards opening.

What We Know:

  • Earlier this year actress, Angelica Ross expressed concerns about the fact that there were no Black transgender women involved in the annual “Black Girls Rock” awards show. Many fans of the actress and fans of the breakout show Pose felt that there was a lack of recognition of the LGBTQ community at the BET Awards. 
  • On Sunday night, during the intro skit for the iconic Soul Train Awards, Pose star Mj Rodriguez made a short appearance. Rodriguez hit the lit stage wearing a layered bright colored dress, with thigh-high boots and matching elbow-length gloves. 
  • Tisha Campbell, who co-hosted the awards, guest hosted on an episode of The Real where she shared that there was a bit of a fight to get Rodriguez in the number. She stated “I think what was really important—like last year, the first time we did it, our freshman year, we really wanted to include all generations. But this time it was like just be inclusive. So we really fought hard and got MJ Rodriguez to be a part of it.”
  • BET is set to release a new program called Queer as F*ck! The project will launch with the original three-part documentary series Ballroom: A Safe Space. The series will feature exclusive interviews with members from the house of LaBeija.

With the visibility of Black transgender women increasing and advocacy shows like Pose gaining popularity, it is unfortunate that there are still struggles within Hollywood when it comes to representation.




Natalia Barreau is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.