Three MTA workers were attacked in Harlem

"These attacks are disgusting and those responsible need to be caught and prosecuted. We want to see them in handcuffs and the courtroom."

Three Metropolitan Transportation Authority workers sustained injuries Saturday while on the job.

What We Know:

  • A man got out of his car on 136th and Broadway and hurled a glass bottle at the driver’s side window of the bus, shattering the glass, and then sped off. A 34-year-old off-duty bus driver was cut in his left ear, a 36-year-old bus driver was cut in his nose and ear. Police say road rage was the reason the driver threw the glass, according to ABC.
  • Eyewitness Juan Griffith said, “Dangerous, but he must’ve had some type of altercation prior to this, because why would they single him out? He must’ve had something happen prior to this”.
  • In a separate incident, a 31-year-old subway conductor was punched and left with a swollen face. The conductor was pulling into the station, looking out the window when he was punched. Police are still looking for a suspect. This incident took place at 125th St. Station at St. Nicholas Avenue.
  • The MTA released a statement saying: “The pattern of unprovoked attacks on Transit workers is reprehensible to the MTA, our employees and all concerned New Yorkers. We are fully cooperating with NYPD investigators and expect the perpetrators, when arrested, to be subjected to maximum prosecution and sentencing.”

Police are currently investigating these two attacks.



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