Halima Aden Graces Essence Cover as First Black Hijab Wearing Woman

The Beauty Of The Hijab

Halima is breaking fashion boundaries while remaining true to her religion.

What We Know:

  • Essence magazine has existed since 1970. However, the magazine has never featured a hijab wearing woman on its cover until now. Halima is officially the first black woman to showcase her hijab on an Essence cover. Not only is Halima making a statement, she is representing growth and change outside the fashion industry’s norm.
  • Halima has a long track record of being the first to accomplish many things as a Black Muslim woman. Some of which includes becoming the first Somali student senator while attending college. In addition to this, she was the first woman featured in Sports Illustrated wearing a burkini, a fully covered swimsuit. She was also the first woman to wear a hijab while competing in The Miss Minnesota USA pageant. Is there anything Halima can’t do?
  • The magazine cover is titled “Breaking The Mold” and features Halima in a pink hijab, gown, and lipstick. You can expect to see the magazine on newsstands in early 2020. Essence plans to continue featuring Black women in 2020.
  • “It’s important for me to be visible and to do whatever I can to let girls know that they don’t have to change who they are,” Halima stated in her Essence Interview.
  • Although Halima is just 22 years old, she’s a role model to many young women who can relate to her through their common faith. She is the voice and face for many Muslim women who are often overlooked by society in the entertainment and fashion industry.
  • As Halima continues to reach for the stars, she constantly remains humble and expresses her gratitude for the opportunities she’s received. “Ahhh!! My first cover of 2020 and it’s for @essence!! A huge thank you to everyone who worked tirelessly on this historic 50th anniversary cover, I’m so thankful to be the first black hijab wearing woman to be featured on Essence,” she tweeted.

We’re beyond proud of Halima, and we hope she’ll continue breaking boundaries and representing for all the women wearing hijabs.




Kamesha Willaims is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.