Kim Kardashian West Slammed For ‘Blackface’ Appearance In Magazine

Outrage Wins For This Family

When Kim Kardashian shared photos of her cover of 7Hollywood magazine, she was slammed with accusations of blackface.

What We Know:

  • Multiple photos were shared, but it was the photo in which she was wearing a strapless dress by designer Thierry Mugler, who also created her 2019 Met Gala dress, that caused the controversy.
  • “WHAT A DREAM” she exclaimed in the captions but many people found the photos problematic and accused the Kardashian of blackface due to her skin tone appearing darker in the photos.

  • “Why was it necessary to make her look black on this cover?! Why?!,” one Instagram user wrote. “This is not even her natural shade at all … she’s not black or of the diaspora. And EVEN IF this was not her idea she could have spoken up BUT of course she didn’t see anything wrong with this.”
  • Actress and The Real talk show host, Amanda Seales also took to social media to give her take on the shoot and to ultimately call the Kardashian out on her appropriation:

A source came forward to say that it was the lighting that made her appear darker and noted that the Kardashian is of “Armenian” descent.




Jessica D. Bullock is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.