Debate over perfect subway seat takes over internet

What do you think?

20-year-old Gabe Bautista was on the D train when he set off this major debate on the internet.

What We Know:

  • 4 million people have seen the tweet and many have commented about it. People of all walks of life in NYC have voiced their opinion over this debate. Even NYC Transit President Andy Byford said it’s like asking a parent to choose a favorite child.
  • City Council President Corey Johnson and head of the Transportation Committee Ydanis Rodriguez both said they like them all, according to ABC.
  • Bautista went on to say: “At first, maybe for the like the first 12 hours, I didn’t get any buzz or any feedback at all, I have like 40 followers on Twitter, it just goes to show how big and how small, everyone in NYC can relate to each other, so, I know some people said for seat 1, which is closest to the door, that they wouldn’t sit there because they call it the snatch and go, because anyone could take your phone and run out the door.”

Micheal Bloomberg jokingly tweeted out that he always stands on the subway.