Andrew Yang Calls On LeBron James To Join The Yang Gang

"He Certainly Could Better Than The Guy Who's Currently In There"

TMZ Sports caught up with Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang and it looks as though Yang would appreciate an endorsement from LeBron James.

What We Know:

  • When asked by TMZ Sports what NBA player he’d choose to be his running mate, Yang wasted no time before saying he’d go with LeBron James. “I’d have to go with LeBron James,” Yang told TMZ. “He’s already shown he’s got a heart of gold and loves the American people.”
  • When prodded about an endorsement, Yang added that he would love that. Going on to say “LeBron, if you’re watching, let’s work together!” He says “Yang-King/Yang-James” had a good ring to it.

  • Yang has already earned the endorsement of celebrities like actor/musician Donald Glover, the support of Dave Chappelle, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and actors actors Nicolas Cage and Noah Centineo.

Yang has yet to land an endorsement of a star athlete, so maybe this pitch will result in one.



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Jessica D. Bullock is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.