NBA Star Trae Young Helps Pay Off Over $1M Medical Debt

This Donation Gave Hundreds Of Family A Sigh Of Relief

Twenty-one-year-old basketball star, Trae Young partnered with RIP Medical Debt to help wipe away the medical debt of hundreds of Atlanta families.

What We Know:

  • The Atlanta Hawks point guard donated $10,000 to the organization through his foundation-The Trae Young Foundation. His donation was enough to wipe out $1,059,186.39 in unpaid medical debt for 570 low-income Atlanta residents.
  • According to its website, RIP Medical Debt is a non-profit organization that has paid off more than $1 billion in debt since its creation in 2014. The group specializes in helping organizations purchase debt from medical providers and debt sellers for pennies on the dollar.
  • “The city of Atlanta has welcomed me with open arms,” Young said in a statement Wednesday. “Giving back to this community is extremely important to me. I hope these families can find a bit of relief knowing that their bills have been taken care of as we enter the New Year.”
  • Young gave credit to his team for helping to make the donation possible, tweeting “Blessed to have such a Great Team around me to help me make this happen … #MakeADifference.”

  • Trae Young hails from Oklahoma and was a fifth overall draft pick. He launched his foundation the following year, along with the Trae Young Basketball Academy, which provides young athletes in his home state the opportunity to develop and enhance their skill set.

Young averages around 28.9 points per game and has logged 287 assists.




Jessica D. Bullock is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.