Dave Chappelle Endorses Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang

"I'm Yang Gang"- Dave Chappelle

Comedian Dave Chappelle has officially become a member of the “Yang Gang”.

What We Know:

  • Dave Chappelle endorsed Democratic hopeful, Andrew Yang, essentially becoming the latest celebrity in support of the presidential candidate.
  • “I’m Yang Gang,” Chappelle said in a released statement by the Yang campaign on Tuesday. Yang is full of excitement behind the endorsement, elaborating on the views the two share. “He and I share similar concerns about the future and hopes for what it could be. We are also parents who see the world that we are leaving to our kids and believe they deserve better.”
  • Yang shared a photo of himself and Chappelle via his Twitter account, saying “Let’s do this for our kids.”

  • It was also revealed that Chappelle will be headlining two shows on January 29 and 30 in South Carolina to benefit his campaign. We are not sure what comedic relief Chappelle will bring to the table, but we can definitely count on a laugh or two.
  • Yang has recently received support from other celebrities like Donald Glover, who has since joined Yang’s campaign as a creative consultant. It was also confirmed that actor, Nicolas Cage has donated to Yang’s campaign as well.

The revealing of Chappelle’s support came hours before the seventh Democratic presidential debate, the first debate Yang had not qualified to attend.




Jessica D. Bullock is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.