Barbara Smith, Iconic Black Feminist Endorses Bernie Sanders

“He has a much deeper understanding of what the situation is, why we have injustice and inequality…”

Barbara Smith, who played a significant role in building the Black Feminism movement, has now come forward to announce her endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) for president.

What We Know:

  • During an exclusive interview with The Root, the founding member of Combahee River Collective that coined the term “identity politics,” explained why she had been a proponent of Sanders since the last election.
  • Smith said, “He has a much deeper understanding of what the situation is, why we have injustice and inequality and oppression and discrimination or whatever words you use to describe a society that isn’t functioning the way that it should be functioning. He has the most incisive, sharpest understanding of where all that comes from.”
  • Sanders’ campaign pointed out that Smith’s work, which seeks to highlight oppressive intersectional realities of “race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and class” has aided in empowering millions of people. In the “fight for substantive equality,” they say they are “humbled to have earned her support”.
  • Smith clarified, “The Combahee River Collective has a race, class, gender, and sexuality platform and analysis. We wrote in our statement that all of the systems of oppression are interlocking.”
  • Smith also endorsed Sanders in his 2016 campaign when he faced critique for not having a race-specific platform. However, Smith believes Sanders’ platform fits her philosophical framework.

Democratic primaries began with last night’s Iowa Caucus.



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Dominique Browder is a Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.