Mother Sues Franklin County Board of Education For Racial Discrimination

Claimed her child was called N-word and threatened with a noose.

A mother to a Phil Campbell High school student is currently suing the school with claims that her son faced racial discrimination by faculty and students for over two years.

What We Know:

  • Franklin County employee and mother (whose name is being unreleased for legal purposes) is suing the school board due to claims that her son is being harassed due to his race.
  • According to an article made by the Huntsville Real Times-News, her son attended Phil Campbell High school for 7th and 8th from the years 2017-2018 as well as 2018-2019 term.
  • The mother says her son is a biracial student and during his time at the school, he was often discriminated against. This included the teachers ignoring his complaints about the racial discrimination he was facing from other students as well as disciplining him more harshly than his other classmates.
  • M.G., which are the initials of the son, was supposedly threatened by multiple students and then ridiculed by teachers because of this. One of these threats involved a picture of a noose.
  • The reasoning behind the lawsuit claims that the mother continually sought justice and attention from the school board but nothing was done about the matter.

The lawsuit included suing the school board for their supposed negligence as well as three other members of the school who are now retired. You can find out more on the details of the Title VI lawsuit his mother currently has against the school, here.




Destiny Joseph-Steele is a Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.