Jackson State University President Arrested in Prostitution Sting

Detectives allegedly made contact with the offenders via "dark web" sites online.

President of Jackson State University (JSU), William Bynum Jr., resigned Monday shortly after his arrest in a prostitution sting that took in 17 individuals.

What We Know:

  • Bynum Jr., 57, was caught over the weekend in the Clinton suburb of Jackson, MS, Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman said. He was charged for obtaining services from a prostitute, falsifying identity, and a simple possession of marijuana.
  • Also arrested was Shonda McCarthy, director of JSU Art Galleries. She was also charged with obtaining prostitute services and possession of marijuana while operating a motor vehicle.
  • Detectives allegedly made contact with both offenders on unnamed “dark web” websites. These websites typically host illicit services, along with being a means of arranging them, police said. Thanks to an undercover cop, both Bynum Jr. and McCarthy were taken into custody from a local hotel they were found in near Clinton, MS. They had a total of eight felony charges.
  • According to the NY Post, anyone seeking word on the situation will mostly likely be referred to the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning. Spokeswoman Caron Blanton spoke on behave of state education officials regarding Bynum and his replacement.
  • Bynum Jr., a married father of six, turned in his resignation to the Mississippi Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning on Monday, effective immediately. The board stated it “will discuss the future leadership of Jackson State University at its regular board meeting next week”.

Thomas Hudson was recently named to be the school’s interim president on Monday. No other additional information has been provided.




Javier Garay is an Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.