Disneyland Announces Price Increase, Now Over $200

Disneyland has bumped up the dollar signs.

Disneyland raised ticket prices Tuesday, breaking the $200 mark for some one-day, two-park tickets for the first time.

What We Know:

  • After the Anaheim, California park opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disneyland raised its ticket prices and they will continue to increase.
  • “For off-peak days, a one-day, one-park ticket will remain at $104 on weekends of holidays, parkers will now have to pay up to five precent more, with prices ranging from $144 to $154 on the busiest days,” according to Fox News.
  • In the last few years, the park has raised their prices; just over a year ago, before it opened Galaxy Edge.
  • According to Disney, they stated, “We started a tier system to keep the park from getting too packed on busy days”. However, the Los Angeles Times found the price hikes didn’t shorten wait times.
  • There is also a price increase for the MaxPass, which lets people book reservations for rides and attractions online instead of waiting in line.
  • The MaxPass went from $15 to $20 and includes approximately 20 popular rides, including the newly added Autopia and Monsters Inc. rides.
  • “Park hopper tickets, which allow guest to spend the day at both Disneyland Park and neighboring California Adventure Park, will now cost up to $209. Guests will also pay more for multi-day passes, which range from $235 for a two-day single park ticket to $415 for a five-day park hopper,” according to Fox News.
  • When Disneyland broke the news on the increased prices many people were upset that they are now unable to attend the park. One person wrote on twitter, “Some kids will never have the chance of meeting their heroes bc their family cannot afford it. For a family of 5, the tickets ALONE will be about $1000. ugh,”

  • For annual passes, the lowest tier, known as the Select Pass, rose from $399 to $419 and the most expensive yearly pass, Premier, went up from $1,949 to $2,199.

Do you believe Disneyland prices are getting out of hand? Some Disneyland lovers believe so!