Nevada Dems Decide on New Caucus Process after Iowa Mishap

New Caucus Process

Nevada Democrats created a revised plan for the Feburary 22 caucuses.

What We Know:

  • The revised plan will include proper measures in avoiding a report of the past problems in Iowa’s votes; the process will encompass iPads and internet connection, but caucus organizers will receive the tech a few weeks before voting.
  • The Charlotte Observer reported, Nevada Democrats issued a memo saying there will be a two-step process for reporting results consisting of submissions made by phone and electronically.
  • The Democratic Party was commissioned to use an app for voting during the Des Moines Iowa Caucus on February 3. Unfortunately, the officials revealed no record of an examination on the app on a statewide scale. 
  • According to The New York Times, David Jefferson, a board member of Verified Voting said, some have suggested using the app after another proposal for reporting votes. Caucus participants suggested votes over the phone. 
  • Now, caucus organizers will use a google data-management application to calculate and submit electronically. The difference between the use of the Google application and iPads vs. the tech application used in Iowa is that the google application and iPads are trusted commercial tools. 
  • Alana Mounce, the party’s executive director said, “In choosing the best path forward our guiding principles have been security, efficiency, and simplicity.”
  • To submit results electronically, iPads must be internet-connected, either through cellar network or local WiFi. Becaus of this, using the new process could pose a security threat for the iPads to be openly hacked. State party officials have not discussed security measures for the posing issue, measures like internet passwords, authentication, and encryption processes. the iPads are WiFi-connected at all caucus locations; if issues of connectivity occur, then the iPads are also 4G-enabled.
  • Finally, Charlotte Observer reported, Seth Morrison, the leader of the caucus site at a high in the metro Las Vegas area is responsible for making sure the tech (iPads) are safely transported. He is also responsible for showing precinct chairs on how to use the tech. 
  • “I am very concerned how we are going to train so many volunteers in a short window especially those volunteers less comfortable with technology,” Morrison said.

BNA will continue to provide updates throughout this election process.




Alldon Thompson was a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.