NYPD Drags Sleeping Black Couple Off Train, Mistakes Them For Suspects

"Get off of me! Get the f–k off of me!”

A New York couple were enjoying an innocent date, but authorities forcibly removed them from the train in what has now been confirmed as mistaken identity.

What We Know: 

  • A video was filmed by passenger Neely Grobani via Twitter. The unnamed duo were pleading with police officers as they were being dragged from the train.
  • “We all wondered what was going on as about 15 cops stood on one side the closed doors and we all sat on the other,” Grobani wrote in the accompanying tweet. “As soon as the doors opened, the cops rushed in and grabbed the young man I was sitting across from. They grabbed his girlfriend as soon as she tried to follow him to figure out what was going on.”
  • Authorities received a call of a man with a gun. Officers swarmed to the train believing they had found a match to their description.

  • “Get off of me! Get the f–k off of me!” the distraught woman can be heard screaming, at one point inquiring as to why they were bothering her date. “‪It became really clear that whatever they were looking for was not on this couple,” the witness recalled while speaking to Pix11. “It was stressful and I wasn’t sure what I could do in that situation — and the one thing I could do was film it, so I did.”

The man and woman were actually taking a nap together in their seats before authorities swarmed in. “The fact that they were looking for something and there were people on the train, they could’ve asked: ‘Did anyone see something?’ They didn’t engage at all. It was upsetting and concerning to me,” Grobani said.




Jakiyah Haywood is an Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.