Joe Biden Dominates Super Tuesday, Bernie Close Second, Warren & Bloomberg at Crossroads

Biden won ten of the 15 contests on Super Tuesday.
Overall Super Tuesday Champion, Joe Biden (Photo by Callaghan O'Hare/Getty Images)

Former Vice President Joe Biden has won the Democratic presidential primary in Maine, adding to his list of Super Tuesday victories, according to the Associated Press.

What We Know:

  • Biden won 10 of the 15 contests on Super Tuesday, where roughly a third of Democratic delegates were up for grabs. Biden also had stellar victories in Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Minnesota, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas.
  • With 96% of precincts reporting in, Biden had 34.1% of the vote, Sen. Bernie Sanders just behind with 32.9%, followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 15.8% and Michael Bloomberg, who has now dropped out, with 12%.
  • President Donald Trump gave his input over the Democratic primary results last night during an unscheduled appearance at Vice President Mike Pence’s White House meeting with airline executives over the current coronavirus situation.
  • Before reporters poured into the room, Trump hinted toward the fact he never received questions over the election. He called Super Tuesday a “great comeback for Joe Biden,” while acknowledging Mike Bloomberg’s exit this morning and subsequent endorsement of Biden.
  • Another notable move was Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm endorsing Joe Biden on Wednesday morning. Just a day after the former vice president strung together a series of stunning victories in Super Tuesday states.
  • Moreover, Michigan will hold its Democratic primary next Tuesday and with it, the 125 delegates waiting to be awarded making it the biggest prize among five states voting that day.

Phenomenal support from Black voters helped Biden to victory in South Carolina was also the key voting block behind his wins in several states like North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama. Exit polls reported that 63% of black voters in Virginia supported Biden compared to 18% who backed Sanders. The rest of the states, such as the three just mentioned, saw similar margins in black voters.



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