Norway College Urges Students Studying Abroad to Leave ‘Underdeveloped’ Countries like U.S

Students are being urged to return home.

Norway College has issued an alert urging students studying abroad to return home as a response to the coronavirus outbreak.

What We Know:

  • On Saturday, the University’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an statement advising all Norwegian citizens and it’s students that’s studying abroad in other countries within its social media platforms to return home.
  • “This applies especially if you are staying in a country with poorly developed health services. This also applies for countries with poorly developed collective infrastructure, for example the USA,” a statement read according to a Twitter user’s screenshots.
  • The alert notes it can be difficult in the U.S. to “get transport to the airport if you don’t have a car”. It also stated, apparently referring to “poorly developed health services,” that, “the same applies if you don’t have health insurance”.
  • Norway has begun shutting down its airports and harbors to foreign travelers on Monday. Norwegians will be allowed to return home, in addition, they’ll have to be quarantined for 14 days.
  • A travel ban has been issued until further notice in response to the outbreak.
  • The college has also edited a statement on Facebook after calling out the U.S but Facebook users urged the university to keep the original post stating that the U.S deserved to be called out for its poor healthcare and insurance.

Most countries have taken various measures to prevent anymore spreading of the virus because the coronavirus has really swept across the nation. It has infected more than 160,000 people and killed at least 6,500 people.