Amanda Seales sells out Virtual ‘Smart Funny and Black’ Show

Virtual 'Smart Funny and Black' show sells out!

Insecure star, Amanda Seales gave her fans some much needed comedic material Friday night.

What We Know:

  • Amanda Seales sold out of a virtual version of her popular show Smart, Funny and Black, renamed Smart Funny and Black: In Da Crib, after the real shows were canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • The event featured an expo that served as a digital marketplace for Black businesses and allowed attendees to mix and mingle for an hour-long pre-show hangout while enjoying music from Chuck Inglish of The Cool Kids.
  • The night’s competitors were Kyla Pratt and Flex, who co-starred as a loving father/daughter duo throughout the early 2000s show, One on One. Throughout the night both held their own, delivering laughs and candid moments that lifted spirits while stuck at home on another Friday night.
  • Comments lit up with excitment from the 2,000+ fan that were able to snag tickets befor the event sold out. If you’re wondering how selling tickets to a virtual event is possible, here is how it works: Organizers set up a cap on the number of tickets sold and are able to sell advertising against that number. Thankfully, Seales was able to add a few more last-minute seats to the show after fans were disappointed when they couldn’t get in.
  • This virtual show was pretty remarkable especially at a time when traditional modes of monetizing entertainment have been abandoned because of the pandemic.

Seales’ sold out show could potentially provide a road map for other entertainers looking for a way to earn a living when they can’t tour or film.




Lydia Elmore is a Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.