Netfilx Drops Trailer for New Spike Lee Joint ‘Da 5 Bloods’

'Da 5 Bloods' avaliable on Neflix June 12th

Netfilx droped a trailer for a new Spike Lee Joint Da 5 Bloods.

What We Know:

  • The streaming service debuted the first preview for Da 5 Bloods, a new Vietnam War film from the Oscar-winning director Spike Lee.
  • The movie stars four African American vets that travel back to Vietnam to locate the remains of thier fallen squad leader and the buried treasure they left behind during the war.
  • The group is joined by Jonathan Majors and Chadwick Boesman who plays the late squad leader in flashbacks and referred to as the “best damn soldier that ever lived”.
  • Spike Lee joins other directors like Martin Scorsese and Alfonso Cuaron to helm original movies for the streaming service.

  • When Spike spoke to Vanity Fair about the new release, he said he harkened back to several iconic war movies in Da 5 Bloods, including 1979’s Apocalypse Now- but he is not a fan of at least one famous Vietnam War flick.
  • Spike stated “I’ve always given homages to films I love in my films. I want to go on record with this. I’m not being disrespectful to any Vietnam film that’s been made, except maybe The Green Berets with John Wayne, who is not a hero of mine.”

Da 5 Bloods is avaliable for streaming on Netflix on June 12th.




Lydia Elmore is a Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.