Luke Hill has Been Charged with Murder

Oregon Football signee Luke Hill charged with Murder

Former Oregan football signee Luke Hill has been charged with felony first-degree attempted murder, felony assault and other misdemeanor charges after he allegedly fired a gun multiple times from a car on Monday.

What We Know:

  • Apparently, Hill’s target was Rhode Islan’ds basketball signee Ishmael Leggett who was home at the time.
  • Leggett told police he was playing basketball in his driveway when he “observed the suspect in a white older vehicle with tint start shooting at him”. Leggett’s mother told police she was pulling into the driveway when she heard shots.
  • A neighbor’s security camera recorded Hill’s 2004 Acura fleeing the scene, according to the district court report. Police recovered seven .40 caliber shell casings from the street and Leggett’s house was struck twice by gunfire.
  • According to documentation, Leggett told police Hill called Leggett’s girlfriend and was threatening her about her current relationship. Apparently, Hill had previously dated Leggett’s girlfriend.
  • After arresting Hill, police served a search warrent at his house and found three firearms in a secret compartment in his closet, one with an extended magazine with 22 .40 caliber rounds of amunition. The report stated “the caliber of handgun that was located in the defendants bedroom is the same caliber as the fired shell casings recovered at the crime scene of the shooting”.
  • Hill, 18, is from Temple Hills, Maryland and is being held without bond in Prince George’s County jail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 19.
  • University of Oregon spokesperson Jimmy Stanton told ESPN that Hill was informed earlier this spring that he would not be joinning the Ducks.
  • A source told ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg that Hill never applied for addmission to Oregon.

Leggett and Hill were formerly classmates at St. John’s College High School.



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Lydia Elmore is a Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.