MPD Release Body Cam Video of Tye Anders Arrest

MPD release body cam video of the officers that arrested Tye Anders.

New body cam video has been released from the Tye Anders’ arrest on May 16th.

What We Know:

  • Another video of police body cam footage is circulating on social media of 21-year-old Tye Anders’ arrest that happend on May 16.
  • In the video, viewers can see an officer standing outside his vehicle and shouting comands at Anders while his gun is drawn. Anders shouts back that he’s scared and he assk the officer repeatedly “why did they stop me?”
  • Then, you see a group of officers walk over to Anders as he is laying on the ground with his 90-year-old grandmother standing over him with guns still drawn and pointing at Anders and telling the family member to back up. The officer goes to check to make sure no one else is in the car that Anders exited and then he puts his gun away.
  • Viewers can then see the officer turn and walk toward fellow officers who have Anders apprehended and his grandmother falls on top of Anders. The officer then helps a family member sit the elderly woman up until paramedics come.
  • Now, the Midland Police Department deny any wrong doing, but Justin A. Moore, Anders’ attorney, argues that the cops stepped over the line.

Midland police released four versions of the bodycam video on the department’s Facebook page. Anders has been charged with evading in a motor vehicle while police were attempting to detain him, according to the Midland Police Department.



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Lydia Elmore is a Digital Intern at UnmutedCo.