Chrissy Teigen, Janelle Monáe And More Stars Help Pay for Minnesota Protestors’ Bail

Chrissy’s move came after President Donald Trump tweeted about protestors at the White House, who he described as “professionally managed” people.

As people continue to take to the streets to protest the wrongful killing of George Floyd, celebrities are using their platform and resources to help bail out protestors in Minnesota and across the country.

What We Know:

  • Teigen’s remarks were made in response to Donald Trump tweeting about protestors outside of the White House. “The professionally managed so-called ‘protestors’ at the White House had little to do with the memory of George Floyd,” he wrote. “They were just there to cause trouble. The @SecretService handled them easily. Tonight, I understand, is MAGA NIGHT AT THE WHITE HOUSE???”

“Anything to make it seem like protestors have forgotten what they are fighting for. Pushing for a CIVIL WAR. This is backed up with facts from nearly EVERY MAJOR MOVEMENT in our lifetime. Stay out of Black people comments with the accusatory trash. Wake the f-ck up and stop coddling EVIL. This is the world we have always lived in.” – Kehlani

If you are looking for ways to speak out against Floyd’s death, help his family, or get educated on the history of systemic racism and police violence in the United States, consider:




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