George Floyd’s Brother Terrence Says Violent Protests Are ‘Overshadowing What’s Going On’

Cops involved in Floyd’s death should be “punished to the full extent,” Terrence Floyd tells ABC News.

Terrence Floyd is speaking out about the death of his brother, George Floyd, the black man whose fatal encounter with Minneapolis police was caught on camera and resulted in widespread outrage across the country.

What We Know:

  • In the wake of George’s death, protests have been held in many U.S. cities to dissent against racial injustice and police brutality. And at times, the encounters between demonstrators and police have turned violent.
  • Wearing a coronavirus face mask and appearing with his minister Kevin McCall, Terrence told Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts on Monday that Goerge was about “peace, unity. When you spoke to him, he always wanted to motivate you, no matter what you were going through.”

“Yes, I do feel like its overshadowing, what’s going on, because like I said, he was about peace, he was about unity. The things that are transpiring now, they may call it unity, but it’s destructive unity.”

  • “Channel your anger to do something positive or make a change another way,” Terrence elaborated. “The anger that is damaging your hometown is not the way you want.”
  • On Friday, Terrence told ABC News he wanted all parties involved brought to justice.
  • The outrage over George’s death began earlier last week when footage went viral of a white officer pinning George to the ground with a knee on his neck. Since George’s death, outrage has carried on in the form of protests throughout U.S. cities like Minneapolis, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, where acts of violence occurred over the weekend by both the demonstrators and the police.

Some protestors also looted from stores throughout the weekend and even burnt down buildings and police cars. Hundreds of arrests have been made in nearly all the major U.S. cities where protests and riots took place and curfews have since been implemented to stop the encounters between demonstrators and police.




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