Opinion: Mayor Bottoms, Atlanta demands action

Atlanta residents near and far are demanding an immediate response from their government in the unjustified death of an unarmed Black man, Rayshard Brooks.
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Demands for an Embattled Mayor

Dr. Vonnetta L. West, Pastor, Our Neighbor’s House
I know the death of Rayshard Brooks is hitting hard right now. It is a devastating blow in the midst of mourning for and protests fueled by 400+ years of trauma and the taking of other Black lives.
Join me in putting a demand on Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms.

We, the people of Atlanta, demand:

  1. Immediate disciplinary action and arrest of any officer who shoots an unarmed human being, beginning with the officers who shot Rayshard as he was fleeing.
  2. A clear peace plan for officers engaging people who are intoxicated, asleep, homeless, unarmed, mentally ill, etc.
  3. A strategic plan to reallocate an agreed upon percentage of APD funds to ensuring equity in education, housing, environmental health, etc.
  4. Funding for training communities on how to deescalate conflict and how to resolve grievances without police involvement
  5. Demilitarization of the Atlanta Police Department.
These are my thoughts based on conversations I’ve had and my understanding of what is preceding tragedy/police brutality against Black people.  If you agree with this list of demands, join us in signing this petition for the Mayor of Atlanta to respond to these demands by 2:00 pm ET on June 14, 2020.




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