Positive COVID-19 Cases In College Athletics

Positive COVID-19 Tests!

This week’s news has brought the rise of many collegiate athletic programs confirming that a number of their student-athletes have tested positive for COVID-19.

What We Know:

  • Clemson University announced last week that 28 of its student-athletes tested positive for COVID-19. The majority of the athletes that tested positive were confirmed to be asymptomatic.

  • LSU also had a staggering number of confirmed COVID-19 cases as at least 30 of its football players have tested positive for the virus.
  • The positive test results have put 115 other players into isolation as they must now play the waiting game. Players are believed to have contracted the disease at social gatherings off campus .
  • Many other programs also announced positive test results such as, Kansas State University, Auburn University, Florida State University, University of Houston, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi.
  • The spike in COVID-19 cases raises many concerns and questions as football season is rapidly approaching such as is football a viable option right now as COVID-19 numbers in many southern states are still climbing?
  • The first college football games of the new season are scheduled to take place at the end of August, and there is great optimism that they will go on without a hitch.
  • In the meantime, colleges must make tough decisions and determine how they will balance collegiate athletics during this ever-changing global pandemic.

Schools will have to question if playing college football is indeed the right decision this upcoming fall.




Christopher Amadasun is a Digital Intern at Unmutedco.