India opens one of world’s largest hospitals for coronavirus care

The Sardar Patel COVID Care Centre partially opened on Sunday.

As coronavirus cases surge, India has opened one of the largest hospitals in the world to fight the virus.

What We Know:

  • The Sardar Patel COVID Care Centre opened in Delhi on Sunday. It has 10,000 available beds and is the largest facility of its kind in India. 2,000 of its beds are currently operational and the remaining 8,000 will be available beginning Wednesday.
  • Indian officials visited the hospital on Saturday before its launch. In a tweet, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called the center one of the largest hospitals in the world. Home Minister Amit Shah said the hospital “would provide huge relief to the people of Delhi”.

  • The Indo-Tiberan Border police will be in charge of administration and operations. “I applaud our courageous ITBP personnel, who would be operating this COVID Care facility during these trying times. Their commitment to serve the nation and people of Delhi is unparalleled,” Shah said.
  • At the time of opening, the India health ministry also released COVID-19 data. This past weekend showed the largest spike in daily new cases. The ministry reported over 19,000 new cases and 410 deaths, bringing the total to over 528,000 positive cases and 16,000 deaths. Delhi alone reported 2,948 new daily cases over the weekend.
  • The hospital is set up to treat mild and asymptomatic patients. It has the capacity to provide oxygen support for a limited number of patients. Reports say that there are over 875 doctors and medical staff on duty. Along with government support, the center will receive support from several private and non-profit organizations.

Delhi has over 80,000 positive cases, making it the second most-hit city in India. Only Maharashtra has more infections.




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