Millions Of Children May Starve As Coronavirus Sweeps Across Yemen, UNICEF Says

Yemen’s severe health crisis

Yemen faces a severe health crisis as the coronavirus worsens, putting millions of children at risk of intense starvation.

What We Know:

  • The Associated Press reported the UNICEF said, “Yemen five years on: Children, conflict and COVID-19.” The report targets that the number of malnourished Yemeni children may reach 2.4 million by the end of the year, this is a 20% increase in the current figure.
  • The United UNICEF warned, “As Yemen devastated health system and infrastructure struggle to cope with coronavirus, the already dire situation for children is likely to deteriorate considerably.”
  • Furthermore, Yemen is suffering from the conflict with Saudi-military; also, regarded as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.  Donor countries recently have cut back on aid, leading to mortifying forecasts. Documented records detail that there are over more than 1,0000 cases of COVID-19 cases and 275 deaths and with Yemen’s access to limited testing resources, the actual number of cases is much higher. 
  • If $54.5 million are not disbursed for health and nutrition aid by the end of August, then more than 23,000 children will be at amplified risk of dying because of acute malnutrition, UNICEF warned. Importantly, 5 million others under the age of 5 will not have access to vaccines against deadly diseases.  Mark Lowcock, U.N. humanitarian chief, said in a closed U.N. closed Security Council meeting that Yemen could “fall off the cliff” if they do not gain massive financial support.
  • He added that COVID-19 is spreading swiftly across the Arab world’s most impoverished country. The illness has killed about 25% of confirmed cases, making this five times the global mean. 
  • Half of Yemen’s health facilities are dysfunctional, and 18% of the country’s 333 districts have no doctors. Water and sanitation systems have collapsed, resulting in a critical cholera outbreak.

UNICEF advocated that the children in Yemen need aid, especially amid the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. More information on how to donate and help the United National Children’s Fund. 

(UNICEF) Yemen crisis and COVID-19




Alldon Thompson is a Digital Intern at Black News Alerts.